Windows 8 compatibility
I've made a new installation and tested RadioCom 6 on Windows 8 Enterprise.
Apart from the fact that the graphic interface of Windows 8 (Metro) carries you back to the early 90s, both the software installation and the program ran immediately without any problems. We have to see if something occurs in continuous operation and on other computers. Here I have uploaded the first screenshot.


Bonito have a YouTube channel
We have now a YouTube Channel called BonitoGermany. Take a look at all our Videos for installing and using RadioCom. http://www.youtube.de/BonitoGermany


The radio list was extended for the following Yaesu devices: FT5000, and ICOM 4510, 9100 as well as Kenwood TS590S.


MeteoJet 1204 S released
Now we had released the Marine Version of RadioJet named MeteoJet 1204S and its fully integrated as well. For more details watch out here: www.bonito.net/meteojet


Bonito RadioJet 1102 S fully integrated
Now we had released RadioCom 6.4 with fully integrated RadioJet 1102S drivers. For more details of this amazing new receiver watch out RadioJet 1102 here: www.radiojet.de


RadioCom 6.4 released
Now we had released RadioCom 6.4 with more SDR Features, improved Excalibur and Perseus drivers.

24.02.2011 Perseus Bug on Win 7 fixed
Perseus is now working under Windows 7 / Vista 32 and 64 Bits. Just force the update today and it will work again. The bug was very small but very effective.
We decide to work with the new Perseus driver only ( and do not support the old Cypress driver any more.

22.12.2010 We are working hard on the new online Manual with  Videos and so on.

22.12.2010 New DEMO Version including step by step instruction available here

01.12.2010 RadioCom 6 RX released.
We released a special Version for SWL's  without the TX function for a very good price. All other functions are still available. This Version is upgradable to TX at any time. You can buy it at your local Dealer or here: LINK

05.08.2010 The new Winradio G31DDC Excalibur is fully integrated.
The maximum operating bandwidth is 192 kHz. This reason for this limitation is that on larger Bandwidth's the computer is busy with drawing the Spectrum and has no time to decode anything.

26.07.2010 Just received the G31DDC Excalibur from SSB-Electronics for the integration.
First impression: very good for a wide Band SDR

18.05.2010 Big success on the Dayton Hamvention and  Hamradio Friedrichshafen.
The Bonito Team was totally overwhelmed  from the visitor attendance at these shows. We say: THANK YOU to all visitors. CU next Year.

29.04.2010 New booth at Hamradio in Friedrichshafen.
You can find us in Hall A1 Booth 309.
European premier for RadioCom 6.3

29.04.2010 Bonito exhibits for the 10th time at the Hamvention in Dayton.
Hara Arena Booth 48.
RadioCom 6.3 will be available on that show!

11.04.2010 Bonito on twitter!
30.10.2009 Since the requests for the connection of the Flexradios are getting bigger, we naturally want to integrate the popular Flexradio into RadioCom 6. But unfortunately Flexradio U.S.A. doesn't want to support any commercial Projects and therefore they don't want to supply an device for testing. If someone would like to to give us his Flex, we would be very grateful and could produce a driver very soon. Interested Hams just e-mail to dennis.office @ bonito.net.

28.10.2009 We are working on a major update with better compatibility with the new features in the different Windows systems, new radios as PMSDR, Elecraft K3, etc., and new features.
For customers who get the error message "Access violation" while starting RadioCom 6, (especially) in fresh Win XP SP3 versions, there is the following work around:
LINK unzip the file and copy the folder C:\Program Files\bonito and RC60 if there is an older file, simply overwrite it. This issue will be resolved even with the big update. It looks like MS has changed something in the printer part.

30.9.2009 New Manual can be found here: http://www.bonito.net/radiocom/manual/rc60_manual_english_new.doc

We are working to translate all the new functions right now and hope we can release it ASAP.
Special thanks to R. T. McKeever and L. A. Anderson from http://techeditonline.com

22.7.2009 Info: We are just working on the Elecraft K3 driver which should be ready very soon. We also want to integrate the Flexradio. Flexradio users, keep your fingers crossed. All information's are welcome.

05.7.2009 Giant success on the Dayton Hamvention and  Hamradio Friedrichshafen.
We want to say: THANK YOU to all visitors. CU next Year.

21.6.2009 Perseus SDR is now fully integrated in RadioCom 6. No more mirror frequencies. Now it's real fun using this Radio.

08.5.2009 The SDR integration in RadioCom 6 continues. We are happy to present the SDR integration of the SDR-14 and SDR-IQ from RF-Space at the Hamvention 2009.You can find us in the HARA Arena Booth 48.

15.4.2009 New Booth at the  Dayton Hamvention 2009
We don't care about swine flue or bad economy. We will be at the Hamvention for you. After 8 years Hamvention our booth has moved in to the Hara Arena. You can find us now in the HARA Arena Booth 48. We hope that many visitors will meet us.

07.5.2009 Hamvention 2009 Special
Costumers of the RadioCom 4.5 and 4.5² can Upgrade their Version to RadioCom 6 for a special price.
Buy now online and get your upgrade to RadioCom 6, the ultimate suite of Hamradio programs, for $ 99.00 instead of $ 159.00 (plus Sales Tax if sold within Michigan). Go to COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL in Michigan, our sales and support center, and use their secure shopping cart: https://secure.computer-int.com/shopping_cart.htm Or, visit us at the HAMVENTION 2009 in Dayton, OH and get your upgrade in person at booth # 48 in the HARA Arena.
Please bring proof of ownership.

19.1.2009 New DEMO available.

15.10.2008 The SDR integration in RadioCom 6 continues. Now, RadioCom 6 supports all the WiNRADiO models such as G303i / e, 313i / e, 305i / e, 315i /. Furthermore, there is now a first beta driver released for the Perseus. So it's worth to click the update button in your RadioCom 6 Setup.

27.06.2008 SDR integration in Version 6.02 for Winradio G303 presented at the Hamradio 2008. Further Winradio Models and Perseus coming soon.

15.05.2008 The radio list was extended for the following Yaesu devices: FT9000, FT2000, FT950, FT450

14.03.2008 New SSTV En- & Decoder integrated.

19.11.2007 SSTV Encoder extended with Webcam Support.