The MeteoPack Premium WR303 is a full weather information package containing the MeteoCom 6 software and either the WR303i PCI-card or WR303e USB HF-Receiver with the new SDR-technology. This software/ hardware combinations (PCI card) is characterized by an easy installation inside the computer, no connecting cables, smooth start-up and very good results as well as an outstanding cost/performance ratio. The HF-receivers are full controllable by the software and offers a timer operation.

This package is available as PCI-Card WR303i and as USB version WR303e HF-receiver.
It includes the Software MeteoCom 6 Marine Edition and all necessary cables needed.


  • Easy to install and to use
  • No connecting Cables (WR303i)
  • Great receiving results with new SDR-technology
  • Works perfectly with long whip or short active antennas
  • Decodes: WeatherFax, RTTY, Synopsis, Navtex and Morse Code in high Resolution
  • Includes a worldwide data base and world map showing the locations of all current stations including all frequencies and transmission times for each station
  • Fully automatic timer operation
  • All received weather information can be viewed on a monitor and printed to a standard printer attached to the PC.
These packages include the MeteoCom 6 software and either the WR303i PCI-card or the WR303e USB HF-receiver. The software/ hardware combination of the WR303i is characterized by an installation inside of the computer with no connecting cables (except antenna) and very good receiving results as well as an outstanding cost/ performance ratio. This reduces the support to a minimum, because no external cable connection must be plugged in (except for the antenna). The external “silver box” WR303e is connected via an USB cable to the computer or notebook. These HF-receivers are fully controllable by the software and offer timer operation.

In connection with MeteoCom 6 these packages represents the value of an extremely expensive DSP-receiver. Through the use of modern technique of SDR WinRadios with completely new software decoder were developed. WeatherFax, Navtex and RTTY can be decoded in much better quality than by conventional SSB radios. This is achieved through direct IF decoding. Even noisy weather faxes can still be read very clearly. Using this new technology greatly simplifies the user interface. No slant correction is needed any more, for example.

Bonito is one of few companies worldwide which has officially received the protocol from WinRadio Australia and integrated it completely into the software. We were able to use the full potential of this receiver and the new SDR-radio-technology. The control, for example, was completely integrated into MeteoCom 6 and is run directly via the PCI or USB interface. Also integrated is the time management which allows full automatic operation.

With either one of theses packages the costumer gets a weather information system which is easy to install and to use; and it is able to receive weather information in the background, worldwide and fully automatically. It doesn’t need cable connections with the WR303i version and gives great receiving results also on noisy signals and it works perfectly with long whip- or short active-antennas.

Software Features:


is displayed at the highest resolution, so you can make out and analyze every detail.

Navtex, forecasts and warnings

are saved fully automatically, pre-sorted by region and displayed by MeteoViewer.


Weather forecast texts of the DWD in graphics and animation

The popular weather forecast texts (3 or 5 day forecasts) of the DWD are displayed in text format and translated into graphics and animation, too. This makes understanding the weather situation more transparent.


will be decoded immediately and entered into the world map as small symbols. By clicking the individual symbols you get a text message for that point. You can also set up schedule grids for wind, barometric pressure and temperature. Impressive animations of this data are displayed fully automatically.

Internet WeatherData from MeteoServer

You also have optional access to the internet weather data provided by the MeteoServer.
This data is available in high resolution and worldwide. In order to keep the data volume as low as possible new technologies are being used which process the data for your PC in an efficient way. You can conveniently download the forecast for the next 7 days in your Marina and receive the actual data via short wave when back on sea.

Find more Information about this feature here: Internet Edition


The user creates the planned route on a map similar to a navigation map. MeteoCom then calculates the weather data using the journey's estimated time and colors the planned route according to the weather situation. Thus he can see easily when, at what time, and on what route section unfavorable weather conditions are expected. The route can be modified and exported, if necessary.

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The following products are available:


Winradio 303i Packet  (intern PCI Card)
  • Software MeteoCom 6 Marine Edition
  • Winradio G303i 9kHz - 30MHz (intern PCI)
  • Wire antenna
recommended Accessory: Navtex receiver Antenna, USB-Serial Adapter

Art. Nr. 385 

Price list

Winradio 305i Packet (intern PCI Card)
  • Software MeteoCom 6 Marine Edition
  • Winradio 305i with wFM Part  (intern PCI)
  • Wire antenna
recommended Accessory: Navtex receiver Antenna, USB-Serial Adapter

Art. Nr. 386 

Price list

Winradio 303e Packet (extern-USB) (recommended!)
  • Software MeteoCom 6 Marine Edition
  • Winradio G303e 9kHz - 30MHz  (extern-USB)
  • Cable-set und Wire antenna

This Pack has been selected by the Paris Boat Show committee
to be product of the Year 2009!

recommended Accessory: Navtex receiver Antenna, USB-Serial Adapter

Art. Nr. 387 

Price list

Winradio 305e Packet (extern-USB)
  • Software MeteoCom 6 Marine Edition
  • Winradio G305e with wFM part (extern-USB)
  • Cable-set und Wire antenna
recommended Accessory: Navtex receiver Antenna, USB-Serial Adapter

Art. Nr. 386 

Price list


Technical data:

Frequency range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz (G303) or 9 kHz – 1,8 GHz (G305)
• Modes: AM, USB, LSB, CW G305 with wFM
• Temperature: 0 °C bis +60 °C
Frequency stability: better than ±10 ppm
• Power supply: 12,0 V DC ±15%
• Power usage (at 12,0 V DC): 0, 5 A typ.
Antenna input: 50 Ohm (BNC)
Dimensions: G3xxe: 164 mm × 41 mm × 96 mm