Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI1000

The Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI1000 suppresses noise reaching the ground connections on the receiver. The GI1000 covers a wide-band range of 50 kHz – 1 GHz (typ. 1,5dB insertion loss). This unit can be used in many receiving applications, It will also work with frequencies up to 1,25 GHz but above 1000 MHz insertion loss may increase by up to 3db. The unit also has integrated double over-voltage protection and input and output are blocked for DC voltage.

The galvanic isolator GI1000 separates the path of the direct current between the outer shield of the coax cable and the shielding of the antenna feeding line in order to suppress interference caused by potential differences. This is achieved by using a small toroidal transformer. The inner conductor of the coax cable is insulated with capacitors providing coarse and fine voltage surge protection.

Close connection please

The GI1000 should be connected to the receiver as closely as possible to avoid other interference. We offer short very adapter cables with different connectors.

Galvanischer Antennen Isolator GI1000

GI1000 & CCMC30 a great team

Even a cascaded use of the GI1000 directly at the receiver input and the CCMC30 following it directly after the coaxial power inserter can in some cases lead to an increased efficiency. Especially in the lower frequency range, surprising improvements can occur:

CCMC30 mit G1000 kaskadiert

Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI1000 Specifications:

Excellent protection against sheath waves and voltage surges.Double voltage surge protection. On the antenna side Gas Discharge tube with an ignition voltage of 90v. On the receiver side you will find an ESD-diode (30KV; max.pulse power 350W (8/20μs) Input and output has been blocked for direct currents of max. 50V.

Tested by Clint Gouveia

The well known DXer Clint Gouveia (Oxford Shortwave Log) is using the GI300 (previous model) on nearly all his DX-Expeditions. He wrote a Test including Videos. Please ready his tests here: read the test

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Caution: Only suitable for reception purposes!

High RF performance (> + 10dBm) cause permanent damage!

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