Low Loss Coax Cables

Why use coax cable?

Over the last ten year interferences have been increasing. There are more and more switching power supplies, photovoltaic installations and other electrical devices in our homes, which are often badly or sometimes not at all insulated. Up to now, coax cable of the type RG58 was sufficient as regards attenuation or elimination of interferences. But these days, RG58 simply is not good enough any more. A good RG 58 coax cable has a cable shielding of 40dB max. Since interferences are a lot higher as far as the SNR- level is concerned, they penetrate the cable and make reception worse and worse. In some areas, a basic noise level of -80dBm is considered “normal” and only strong signals are heard. In our Newsroom you can find an extensive article about this topic (“Why even good antennas need good coax cable”) Article >

Ordering Customized Low –Loss Coax Cable or by the meter

When using high quality and double-shielded low loss coax cable, you can minimize annoying noise. You can order the coax cable H115 by Belden, Hyperflex 5 or Ultraflex 7 with plugs as you need them. We offer these cables ready-made according to your needs or by the meter. PL-plugs are soldered or crimped (BNC & N) and are tested.

Very well sealed

Because of the capillary effect, humidity can seep through the gap between the crimp sleeve and the plug and may reach the inside of the cable. That is why we use adhesive shrink tubes to protect the plugs from humidity. Using hot and liquid adhesive it is distributed around the plug and the cable and they are very well sealed.

N-Stecker mit Belden H 155 Low Loss Koaxialkabel

Individual solutions

In our online shop, we only offer selected and tested coax cable. The lengths that we offer are based upon our sales figures. Of course, other lengths are available according to your needs. We can offer lengths up to 505 meters. If you need other lengths or plugs, please, contact us. We are happy to help you .


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