MegaLoop FX

MegaLoop FX

More SNR – less noise

Probably the most flexible active loop antenna

  • Ultra broadband frequency range from 9kHz – 180MHz
  • High dynamic range with an IP of typ. +40 dB and IP 2 of typ. +85 dB
  • Power requirements: 5V – 15V
  • Selectable FM band stop filter with low pass function
  • Selectable amplification in three steps
  • Various radiating elements and sizes can be used
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Additional ground terminal (M5) on the enclosure
  • High-quality craftsmanship; splash-water proof enclosure; all screw terminals made of stainless steel
  • Small packaging = small shipping costs
  • Ideal for outdoor use because dismountable and USB power supply

FX = Flexible

The Megaloop FX is our latest active loop amplifier for the 9kHz to max. 180MHz range.  It combines  all the outstanding features of the successful MegaLoop ML 200 and ML 052. Due to its integrated selectable FM band stop filter and the three-step amplification a maximum of flexibility for all kinds of use is possible.

Flexible range of application

This broadband magnetic loop antenna is especially suitable for places with difficult reception due to electrical interferences (E-field) in the near-field area, it is also made for indoor use or on the balcony/patio. You can put it up in the attic, at the window, on the balcony, in the carport fixed to the wall or permanently attached to a mast.

Flexible FM-band stop filter

Based on the well proven MegaLoop platform, an additional low pass filter and a FM-band stop filter were integrated which can be activated or deactivated with a jumper. In case of FM-interferences, the FM bandstop filter can be activated with a jumper and so FM signals between 88 MHz and 108 MHz will be attenuated by 25 – 40 dB.

Flexible three-step amplification

The gain of the MegaLoop FX can be adjusted in three steps by an internal jumper (High/Medium/Low)
Frequency response (-3dB) and nominal amplification.

a) FM-band stop off
1. High Gain: 9 kHz – 110 MHz and 25 dB gain
2. Medium Gain: 9 kHz – 150 MHz and 20 dB gain
3. Low Gain: 9 kHz – 180 MHz and 15 dB gain

b) FM- band stop on:
1. High Gain: 9 kHz – 52 MHz and 25 db gain
2. Medium Gain: 9 kHz – 60 MHz and 20 dB gain
3. Low Gain 9 kHz – 66 MHz and 15 dB gain

Flexible loop sizes

The MegaLoop FX makes the most diverse radiating elements possible. As standard, a loop made of flexible PVC-coated and seawater-resistant (V4A) stainless steel wire is available. It comes as a 5m (16,40ft) circumference loop for indoor and portable as well as for outdoor use. Other lengths, such as 10m (32,81ft), are on offer. Even lengths up to 20m (65,62ft) have successfully been tested.

Additionally, an aluminum rigid loop with a diameter of 40 cm or 80 cm is also available. Due to its versatility and adjustment of amplification, there will always be an ideal combination of the loop size and amplification.

Excellent IP values with power supply as low as 5V

With two signals in the 7 MHz range, an excellent IP3 value of typ. +40 dB and a IP 2 value of +85 dBm is achieved with mere 5 V ( max. 40mA) and so the loop can be powered via USB or power bank. A DualPower power inserter (bias tee) supply is included in the standard scope of delivery.

Integrated threefold surge protection of the active parts

Coarse protection by gas arrester with 60V trigger voltage and a max. pulse leakage current of 1 kA (8/20µs) and by twofold additional integrated fine protection of max. 2 kV and 8 kV respectively. Additionally, the loop connections are connected to ground with high impedance to avoid static charges.

Low shipping costs – no bulky item !

Since the antenna can be shipped as such a small parcel, there will only be standard postage and when ordering a rigid loop of 1m or 2m diameter you will already save about 35,-€ compared to shipping as a bulk item.

Hint: With two suction cups you can attach the MegaLoop antenna to a window at home, in a hotel or when on the road. Because of its flexible loop, transportation is really a piece of cake. In our newsroom test “ Design of a really portable SDR Part 2″ I simply put the loop over the tailgate of our Caddy and was able to receive signals beautifully.

You want to test the MegaLoop FX live on air?

If you would like to test the MegaLoop FX live, you can now conveniently do this over the Internet with a KIWI SDR. Just click on this Link and you can browse the whole band from 10kHz to 30MHz. The linked KIWI-SDR with MegaLoop and 6,8 Meter Loop is located in northern Germany and can handle up to 4 users at a time.

Scope of delivery

  • MegaLoop FX
  • 5m (16,40ft) PVC-coated, seawater-resistant stainless steel wire.
  • Power supply CPI 1000DP
  • Manual

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