Megactiv MA305FT wideband Aktivantenne

MegActiv MA305FT- Wideband Active Antenna

With the new MegActiv MA305FT we expand our range of USB-powered E-field active antennas. The MegActiv MA305FT close the gap between the Boni-Whip and the GigActiv GA3005 E-Field Antennas.

  • Wide frequency range 9kHz – 300MHz
  • Dual Power Supply: 5,5V – 15V
  • Selectable FM band stop filter
  • Small dimensions
  • Ideal for traveling, at home or DX-Camps
  • IP3:>typ. +30dBm / IP2:>typ. +50dBm
  • Enlarged and flexible 200mm radiating element

The new MegActiv MA305FT is an evolution of the popular MegActiv MA305. In addition to small improvements in electronics, the new MegActiv MA305FT has been equipped with a switchable FM band-stop filter. Thus, disturbing radiation from the FM band between 88 and 108 MHz can be easily minimized.

This low noise active antenna, which is produced according to the highest standards, covers the frequency range between 9kHz and 300MHz. With a radiating element of only 22 cm / 8,66 inch it can be erected inconspicuously. It can be powered with 5-15 V DC (max.40mA) and alternatively with the supplied Dual Power unit CPI1000DP via USB.

Flexible FM-band stop filter

Based on the well proven Megactive platform, an additional low pass filter and a FM-band stop filter were integrated which can be activated or deactivated easily with a jumper. In case of FM-interferences, the FM bandstop filter can be activated with a jumper and so FM signals between 88 MHz and 108 MHz will be attenuated by 20 – 30 dB.

Dual power supply

Standard delivery with DualPower power unit CPI1000DP (external power supply and USB-operation possible). The MegActiv MA305 can be operated by two different kinds of power sources. It can be powered either by a conventional plug power supply or via USB. Powering via USB has the advantage that no external power supply is needed and that the antenna can be operated independently and noise-free with a separate USB PowerBank. The supply voltage range is 5 – 15V DC (10mA max) and thus the antenna is also well suited for portable use.

Integrated double overvoltage protection of the active antenna part

Integrated double surge protection of the active components: Coarse protection by gas discharge tubes with 60V firing voltage with max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs) with additional integrated ESD fine protection of max. 2kV.
Fernando from did the first comparison Test in Mai 2015 and released this test on his Page in German:

Quote from the review by FenuRadio: (translated)

„The NTi MegActiv is a small receiving antenna with excellent reception performance. The construction proved to be unproblematic, similar to the Boni-Whip. From VLF up on the FM band, the MegActiv receives very well despite their small size. When properly setup it provides a nearly unbeatable signal / noise ratio!“

MegActiv MA305 on DX expedition

Clint from Oxford Shortwave Log is traveling around the world wit his world band receivers and a MegActiv MA305. He did a lot of videos and tests which you can watch here on his Youtube Channel. pa0rtd mini whip

You want to test the MegActiv MA305FT live on air?

MegaLoop FX jetzt am Websdr live testen!

If you would like to test the MegActiv MA305FT active antenna live, you can now conveniently do this over the Internet with a KIWI SDR. Just click on this Link and you can browse the whole band from 10kHz to 30MHz. The linked KIWI-SDR with a MegActiv MA305FT is located in Bonn (DL0DTM Clubstation Deutsche Telekom) and can handle up to 4 users at a time.

Dimesions incl Radiator:

295 x 58 x 38mm (11,61 x 2,28 x 1,5 inch)

Whats in the box?

  • MegActiv MA305
  • Whip / Radiator
  • Power Inserter CPI1500UNI
  • Manual

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