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MegaDipol MD300DX

The MegaDipol has been available since May 2018 and is becoming increasingly popular. I have received many queries regarding the correct assembly of this antenna. In these notes I would like to show how easy it is to assemble and erect the MegaDipol.

The right installation: “It can be so easy”

It does not take much to put up the MegaDipol MD300DX correctly and should not take more than 15 minutes. A second pair of hands would be helpful but is not absolutely necessary. The following items are sufficient:

….and here we go

The MegaDipol MD300DX can be erected in various ways. Experience has shown that best results are achieved when the antenna is installed vertically. For a stable installation I recommend ordering the pole mount when you order a MegaDipol antenna. You can make do with two additional cable ties but the pole mount makes the installation much more stable.

To start with, take a non-metallic pole, which can be either a telescopic mast or any other kind of mast or rod, for example a mast from TECADI or Spiderbeam. It should be about 6m long. It is very important of course that the mast is non-metallic!!
Normally I use a telescopic mast from Spiderbeam which offers the benefit of everything coming in one piece and you are a little bit more flexible.

Spiderbeam Fiberglasmast

Fasten the pole mount with the two head screws to the back of the MegaDipol amplifier.

Montage der Bonito Masthalterung

Using the star nut and the U-bolt, fasten the screws onto the middle section of the mast using the 10mm open wrench.

Aufbau MegaDipol MD300DX Masthalterung

It is best to connect the Coax cable before erecting the pole, because later on the amplifier will be about 2.5m above ground. Please note the coax cable is attached to the amplifier at an angle of 45° and theefore I recommend using a BNC- right angle connector.

Aufbau MegaDipol MD300DX Front

At the same time, it is a very good idea to carefully seal the plug and the jack with Nittotape to make the connection water-resistant and to protect the BNC-plug from being exposed to humidity.

NITTO 15 - Selbstverschweissendes Butylband zum Abdichten

Next take one of the 2.50m long stainless-steel cables and with the wing nut screw one end onto the casing of the MD300DX. It does not matter which side of the casing you use. Then fasten the other end of the steel wire to the top of your mast. Leave a little bit of slack. The other steel wire is fastened to the mast in the same way, only at the lower end of the mast.

MegaDipol MD300DX Mastbefestigung

We’re almost done

Now connect the coax cable to the lower end of the casing at a 45° angle. You can attach the cable to a ground anchor or to the pole wire guys to make the construction a little sturdier. And you are done!!

Now, it should look like this and the antenna is ready.

md300dx Zeichnung vertikal

When we visited the Open House at the Dathe company we erected the dipole like this:

MegaDipol MD300DX Bonito

But it can be done totally differently as well

It does not have to be pole. There a lot of other ways of placing the antenna. You can simply hang it into a tree in your garden. There it would be hardly visible and should not in any way annoy the neighbours.

MegaDipol MD300DX Montage im Baum

I hope I have shown you how easy it is to assemble and erect the MegaDipol MD300DX antenna. If you have any questions about assembling, mounting etc. simply call us on +49 (0)5052 6052 or send an e-mail to We’ll be glad to help you.

Keep listening

“I  want one, too”

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