Moskito End Fed

Mosquito End Fed – small and light

After the Mini-End Fed was so well accepted, we looked at how we could make the whole thing even smaller, more compact but robust. The main focus here was on weight. The result is the Moskito End Fed.


Yes, because it is so tiny and light. The cylindrical housing with a height of only 70mm and a diameter of 25mm weighs just 50 grams. This makes the Moskito easy to stow in your pocket or backpack. The maximum output is 50 watts SSB PEP. It is available in 1:49 and 1:9. This makes the Moskito End Fed antenna ideal for portable use when traveling, QRP, COTA, POTA, IOTA, SOTA (Summit on the Air) or DX expeditions etc. The Moskito End Fed is suitable for the new generation of small multiband/multimode QRP transceivers such as the Icom IC-705, Xiegu G90 or X6100, LAB 599 TX500 or the Yaesu FT-817/818.

The Moskito End Fed has a BNC socket with PTFE dielectric and gold-plated center contact on the underside. The upper screw connection for the radiator and the side connection for a counterpoise are made of stainless steel.


To mount the Moskito End Fed on a mast, rod, tree etc., our mini isolator and a carabiner are all you need. If you attach the antenna to the top of a telescopic mast and slide out the mast segments, you can be on the air in a matter of minutes!

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Super light antenna wire

To match the lightweight Moskito End Fed, we offer the new, super lightweight and high-strength antenna wire SL as an option. This antenna wire is only 1.6mm thick, weighs 4g per meter and consists of 6×0.25mm tinned copper wires. The stranded wire has a core made of tear-resistant Vectran fibers® and a weatherproof PE insulation. This achieves a maximum breaking load of up to 60kg!

Lightweight coaxial cable

Even with coaxial cable, every gram counts. The Airborn 5 low loss coaxial cable from Messi&Paoloni weighs just 2.35 kg per 100 meters and is therefore a whole 1.4 kg / 100 m lighter than the classic RG58CU! At the same time, it has a 3.6 dB / 100m better attenuation at 50 MHz than RG58. It is double-shielded, has a diameter of 5mm (like RG58), a shielding factor of >105 dB and a jacket made of robust and waterproof PE. The 1.13mm thick center conductor consists of 99.8% copper. Further information is available here: LINK

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