Paloran 200 Loopantenne

Paloran 200 passive Loop Antenna

The PALORAN 200 is a high-quality broadband passive loop antenna for a rrequency range of 9kHz to 200MHz. The Paloran 200 antenna is a good alternative when you have sufficient room to install it and if you want low-interference reception at the same time.

  • Ultra-wideband frequency range from 9kHz to 200MHz
  • Different radiator shapes and sizes can be used
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Additional ground connection (M5) at the case
  • High quality processing; splash-proof housing, all screw connections are made in stainless steel
  • Small packaging = low shipping costs

In the near field area (i.e. less than approx three wavelengths), loop antennas mainly react to the magnetic (H-field) component of the electromagnetic field. Therefore, the reception of mainly electric (E-field) disturbances is effectively suppressed, which is especially noticeable in the lower frequency range (VLF/longwave/medium wave and lower shortwave bands because of less radio interference.

Due its merely passive operating principle, the Paloran 200 needs more space than other active loop antennas. The PALORAN’s loop has a circumference of about 15m. The advantage is that the antenna produces no intermodulation or other internally generated disturbing components. It does not need a power supply, either.

Scope of delivery:

  • Paloran200
  • 15 Meters (49ft) PVC coated stainless steel wire (V4A)
  • 2x Isolators
  • Manual