The program "WeatherInfoViewer” visualizes weather information received by a WEATHERiNFOBOX from Mörer or downloaded from the Internet. This is a special OEM development of Bonito. WeatherInfoViewer is a viewer, or projector, which processes, sorts, classifies and visualizes the received and downloaded weather information, according to their properties. In is way, the complexity of the weather information is more easily understood. It is important to note that this program processes the weather information according to modern meteorology concepts, using highly scientific Mesoscale aspects. However, this software does not produce case-specific statements and forecasts for each weather situation!! Therefore, we remind you once again to follow the advise of all weather services around the world:

All weather information are without any guarantee!!!

The WeatherInfoViewer is available in 2 versions:

1.)The Standard-Version - supports the standard features of the WEATHERINFOBOX. In addition, it converts the received text messages to graphical animations. It also records and draws barograph diagrams and optionally downloads high resolution Weather data from MeteoServer via the Internet.

2.)The Navigator-Version - offers (in addition to the Standard Version) the ability to plan a Route on a map similar to a navigation map and it colours the planned route according to the weather situation.

Both versions are delivered with 14-day trial access to the MeteoServer Weather data via the Internet. In , both versions can be offered directly with a 1-year Weather data link via the Internet.
The Navigator- and the Internet weather data- Options can be unlocked at any time through the Internet. See the Prices for Options in the Price list or online.

Functional dependencies:
This manual describes the full version with all options. However, some options are version-specific and will only be available if they are part of the version you purchased or if you operate the appropriate WEATHERiNFOBOX which receives the relevant data you expect to see in the WeatherInfoViewer. For example, if you are using a WEATHERiNFOBOX with a NAVTEX receiver only, you cannot expect to see any forecasts from the German Weather Service or see any details based on SYNOP and RTTY data. Similarly, if your WEATHERiNFOBOX does not have an air pressure sensor, you will be unable to see any results, even if the Barometer diagrams are presented. Therefore, please note the following list of useful package combinations.

Sensible combinations:
Not every WEATHERiNFOBOX receives NAVTEX, RTTY and SYNOP messages. For example, the WIBE is the only receiving WeatherFax. Also not every WEATHERiNFOBOX has a built in air pressure sensor.
It makes no sense to operate the WeatherInfoViewer only with a pure Navtex receiver and without an air pressure sensor. In that case it would be preferable to purchase the option for Internet weather data. This version is very modern and useful and it will also compensate for the lack of options of the receiver. Furthermore, the Internet can be used with any mobile phone reception and many marinas provide nowadays Wifi or W-LAN hotspots.
Hence the Internet Weather data option makes sense with any combination.

For the "Navigator" option, you have a simple chart plotter for your GPS, However, the MeteoRoute function is only useful if additional Internet data could be downloaded or RTTY weather forecasts can be received from the DWD.

Which Weather Info Viewer functions
are available for which WEATHERiNFOBOX?

WIBD cannot be connected to a computer, so there is no point orderering a Weather Info Viewer in this particular case.

WIB2, WIB2B, WIB2BX and WIB2D only receive NAVTEX-Messages, which will be displayed under Text.

receive RTTY- and SYNOP Messages – they will be displayed in Weather > RTTY/SYNOP and Text.

Only the WIBE can receive WeatherFax Images, which can be viewed and improved under Images.

and WIBE, are fitted with an air pressure sensor, the output of which is displayed as a diagram under Weather.

WIB1 doesn’t receive any NAVTEX-Messages.

Trying to display the Barograph option makes sense only if the WEATHERiNFOBOX has a built in air pressure sensor. WIB1 and WIB2 have no barograph, therefore no values will be displayed in the diagram under the category Weather.


 1) Preparation

  • 1.1) System requirements
    Windows 7/XP/Vista and 2000. An IBM-compatible PC with Intel Pentium CPU of at least 1GHz and a screen solution of 1280x1024. Additional minimum requirements are specified by the system.


  • 1.2) Unpacking the Software WeatherInfoViewer and the WEATHERiNFOBOX:
    Check the content of the Bonito Box. You’ll find:
    1x CD  and a short instruction sheet.

    In the WEATHERiNFOBOX package you should find: the WEATHERiNFOBOX, USB- Cable, and driver and Software CD and a manual.

    1.3) Connect the WEATHERiNFOBOX 
     Please connect the WEATHERiNFOBOX to the PC. If you have a WIBE please install the Driver and the WIBE Software from the little disk from your  WIBE Package. If you haven't the CD you can download  it here:

  • 1.4) Internet connection:
    To register the software, connect your PC to the internet or prepare everything to be able to establish an internet connection, if necessary.

 ! Important for WIBE User ! !

  • 1.9)  WEATHERiNFOBOX configuration in the "WIBE" Software

     You have to configure the  WEATHERiNFOBOX in the "WIBE" Software Configuration. Without these configuration the WEATHERiNFOBOX don´t know which Weather information the should receive.

 2.) Installation

2.) Installation  "WeatherInfoViewer"
Before you start the set up program, connect all the devices as described above and turn them on. If that does not work properly, follow the instructions in Chapter 1.

Important: With Windows 7/Vista you have to execute the Setup.exe as administrator.

2.1) Insert the CD into your CD drive. You will see the set up program with an entry showing a program key ‘CD-key’ which was burnt on the CD. If the CD does not start by itself, access the root directory of the CD via ‘My Computer’ or the Window Explorer and start the installation procedure by double-clicking ‘Setup.exe.




Normally the WeatherInfoViewer should select the right WEATHERiNFOBOX. If not you can select it every time. 

2.3) Installation

Please click to "Install" for installing the Bonito WeatherInfoViewer.

More functions of  Bonito Setup
If you want select an other WEATHERiNFOBOX, Update or Un- or Reinstall you don´t need the Software CD. You only have to  start the Setup.  Windows Start\ (all) Programs\ Moerer WeatherInfoViewer \Setup .

Here you can set or change the temperature units between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Delete Files: You can set whether the data already received should be deleted or if DEMO Data should be installed.

Language: You can choose your Language here.

Changing the WEATHERiNFOBOX: Choose a different WIB from the drop down list under „WEATHERiNFOBOX Selection“ and close the Setup.

Reinstall: Click to the "Install" Button and all Data's will be in reset.

Update: You can update the Bonito Software via the internet by pressing the button ‘Update Service’ the WeatherInfoViewer automatically downloads the updates and installs them.

Registry:  Here you can register or re-activate the program

 3) Registration

Before using, the WeatherInfoViewer must be registered via the internet. After the installation, the dialogue opens automatically. Should you ignore this, the dialogue will be repeated over and over again instead of starting the program.

! Important !
 If you want to register the Bonito Software; the WEATHERiNFOBOX must be connected to the PC


  1. In the WeatherInfoViewer Setup press the ‘Registry’ button on the left.
    A window ‘Internet registration will appear.

  2. Fill in each field to ‘e-mail’.

  3. Press the button ‘Check e-mail address and send Control-code. The server generates an e-mail with a code and sends it to the e-mail address provided

  4. Pick up the e-mail, copy the code, and enter it in the field ‘E-mail ControlCode’


  5. Press the button "OK, register me". If the registration is successful the message "registration ok " appears which you acknowledge with "OK"

The computer stores the access codes. You can retrieve them any time and copy them; please, keep them in a safe place for later re-activation. Additionally, you will receive the access codes automatically via e-mail.

NOTE: The registration is only possible once. When re-installing the software has to be reactivated with the codes you were sent. How to do this, we explain here in chapter 4.

Print out the access codes and keep them in a safe place. This is your license!
Should you lose the codes, we can send you the current ones for a fee of 5€.

Now go on with "starting WeatherInfoViewer"

4 Manual Reactivation

You can only register the Bonito software once. If, at any you want to re-install the software on another PC, you have to reactivate the Service on the other PC. To do this, you need the ‘Registration Access Codes’ which you were sent via e-mail after your registration or which you can find in the setup under ‘Registry’ on the other PC.

Have the ‘Registration Access Codes’ handy, which you were sent via e-mail. In case you are unable to find them, please, contact us. We can send you your current codes for a fee of 5 €.

Open the Set-up

Close the Bonito software completely and start the set-up with:
[Windows Start]  [(all) Programs] [Bonito WeatherInfoViewer]  [Setup WeatherInfoViewer]

The Setup/Install-screen pops up. On this screen, click the ‘Registry’button on the left.

Internet Registration
Now the Internet Registration-screen appears. Don’t fill in anything, but click on the button "Manual Activation of a Registered Program"


Manual Registration-Reactivation

On this screen, you enter the Access Codes, which you were sent via e-mail when you first registered.

Program ID, Prefix, Suffix, Data ID, Prefix, Suffix.

Now click the button ‘Reactivate internet service’ , which will be activated after entering the codes.

Should this button not become active, you did not enter the codes correctly. Check the accuracy and completeness of the codes.

Reactivation OK
If all codes have been entered correctly and completely, another button ‘Reactivation OK’ appears. Click on it. Now you can update Bonito or close the setup and restart the software.

Now go on with "starting WeatherInfoViewer"

5) Updates


Bonito is using some Recourse (for example Frequency lists, Timer lists and Program updates), that you can download without extra costs via the internet. There you simply have to click “Update” and the following window appears.


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